In honor of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth Wickscentury Natural Soy Candles has  teamed up with the #OraLeeSmithCancerResearchFoundation to fundraise a goal of $10,000. With every #BreastCancerAwareness candle purchased, we will donate a percentage of our proceeds to the #OraLeeSmithCancerResearchFoundation. You can also join our team here or visit to learn more and make a personal donation. Thank you for your support in helping us to advance our efforts in finding new ways to treat and cure cancer.

Here's a Message from the founder, Dr. Hadiyah Nicole:

We all know someone who has been impacted by cancer. We've heard of the tribulations, the financial burden, the battle for life. But unless you've personally suffered from cancer, you don't know how the harsh side effects of cancer treatment feel.

Even with the best cancer care, 8.8 million people die each year from cancer worldwide. Not only do this many people die, but the side effects of treatment undergone are so harsh, this can hardly be considered life. Hair loss, depletion of energy, digestive issues, nausea, severe weight loss, deterioration of skin quality... these are all things that severely impact, not only the individual's duration of life, but their quality of life.

The Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation is on the verge of changing the way cancer is treated and reducing human suffering by providing cancer care that is accessible, affordable and effective. Our founder, Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, has developed a patent-pending cancer treatment that does not show side effects in mice, a preliminary study to humans, and completely eliminates tumors in mice over 15 days after a single 10-minute treatment. We are confident that we can translate this ground-breaking study into a feasible treatment for humans. However, this is no small endeavor. 

To develop Dr. Green's treatment for human use requires manufacturing human-grade materials, conducting clinical trials, and seeking FDA approval. This alone is upwards of a $30 million dollar effort. This is why we need you. We know the potential is there, but we cannot manifest this into a viable cancer treatment without your support. 

Please support our fundraising campaign by donating, sharing our page on social media, or becoming a fundraiser to increase awareness of the campaign. Alone, we are small. United, we are mighty. Together, #WeAreOraLee.

Candles for Charity-12.25 oz Libbey Soy Candles